how to start jigsaw puzzles as beginners?

As a beginner Puzzler, you may wonder as to what is the best way to get started in playing jigsaw puzzles in the first place.

You may feel excited just the thought of buying one on the internet but, once your long-awaited game arrived, you may start to think, how will I be able to start this in the first place?

Well, all experiences in life start at zero, and playing a jigsaw puzzle game is not an exemption. Luckily, you’re not alone. We are on the same boat for I am too is a beginner!

So, here are my beginner’s guide on what is the best way to start a jigsaw puzzle.


First things first. You need to ask yourself as to what type of jigsaw puzzle would you like to play on.

Well, it is true that in this digital age, shopping online is easy. All you have to do is type in the keyword you are looking for and it instantly appears at your fingertips. You will just choose the product with the highest review and checkout, then you’re done!

However, in my honest opinion, I don’t recommend you to do that. Based on my own experience, the preferences of other puzzlers sometimes do not fit what you really like to play on.

My advice to you is to read my article about what are the types of jigsaw puzzles available in the market this 2021.

In that article, I have grouped them by traditional, modern, and latest trends, in that way, you can freely decide on which type of jigsaw puzzle you will buy depending on your artistic preference.

Also, you may want to check on which brand would you like too. With that, you may read my article about what companies make jigsaw puzzles. There you can check what are the most popular and what I brands I prefer to buy in the future.


Next important thing to consider in starting a jigsaw puzzle is time. You already knew this from the start, right? May be this is also your reason why you wanted to buy one. And it is because you want to “kill time”.

However, doing a jigsaw puzzle is not as easy as you see it is. In fact, you are not just killing time in a snap instead, you need to plan on how you will kill time per minute or hours or even days!

Doing a jigsaw puzzle will consume most of your time especially if you choose to play with thousand pieces of it.

In my first experience, I spent 5 hours on my first day doing 1,000 pieces of jigsaw puzzles!

I never have imagined that in the first place to be honest. All I am expecting is that I wanted to finish it for 3 hours only but, that is way too far from reality.

In that 5 hours, I just simply group all pieces according to their color and trying to figure out what piece should I put on the other one. And you know what, I was not able to finish a quarter of it!

That is why, it is important to know what you want first because, if you wanted it in the first place, it won’t be hard for you to spend hours or even days completing it.

Partially completed one thousand pieces jigsaw puzzles


Sometimes, even if you wanted something, you still ended up dumping it, right?

For example, you wanted a cheeseburger for lunch but the taste of what you ordered doesn’t satisfy you, in the end, you will either throw it out or give it to somebody else, right?

The same goes for deciding to play a jigsaw puzzle. To be honest, doing a jigsaw puzzle is underrated. It looks easy if you are not the one playing it, but holding each piece and deciding on which piece could fit the other with your own hands, I guess you wouldn’t say that ever again.

Perseverance is one of the soft skill that every puzzler have. Like, how did they manage to stick on it from start to finish, right?

As for my experience, I feel frustrated at first because I cannot finish it at the time I was expecting to.

However, there is this feeling of an unaccomplished task in me that still wanted to go for it until the end. The feeling of not wanting to accept defeat but rather to keep my spirit high and continue it until it is done.

In short, I am just talking about the awakening of my “perseverance”.

If you have that in your dictionary, then you are on the right track and you are good to go! Challenge awaits you!


Now that you all know how to get ready for this exciting yet challenging game, reality will check in. How much space in your room do you have in playing jigsaw puzzle?

As a very “confident” beginner puzzler, I started with 1,000 pieces right away. I thought it is “easy” but I realized it wasn’t. Also, I didn’t realize that I would be doing it on the floor instead of on a table.

Well, it’s fun to play on the floor, to be honest, for it’s spacious but it really hurts my neck and back after playing on it.

My advice to you, make sure that you have a place to play on where you could be seated properly. Also, don’t forget to check on the lighting of that “jigsaw puzzle playroom” for you need that to carefully look for the next piece on your work.

Messy jigsaw puzzle area


The best way to start a jigsaw puzzle is really to like the game itself in the first place. I mean, you needed to have that interest in you to complete even just one jigsaw puzzle in your life. If your main reason to play with it is just to kill time, well, I guess you would feel bored just after turning every piece face up.

I hope you’re enlighten on playing one. Share on the comment section below on what have felt and experience in your first jigsaw puzzle.

Happy playing Puzzlers!

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