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So, as I have already mentioned in my first blog post about the history of the Jigsaw Puzzle, the term that is used to call someone who plays and enjoys jigsaw puzzles is called a “Dissectologist“.

But why on Earth do they call them (or we, this matter) as “dissectologist“?

That is entirely because of the original name of jigsaw puzzles is known as dissected maps, that was created by John Spilsbury.

John Spilsbury is an English cartographer and a mapmaker in the 1700s, who have a soft heart for children in his neighborhood in Europe. This is the reason why he made a fun way of helping those kids in their geography subject by creating the first dissected map. This map is cut into pieces according to their boundaries and could be disassembled and reassembled when playing the said game.

Since dissected maps is the first jigsaw puzzle ever created, a person who aims to complete it is then called, dissectlogist.

It is simple as that.

But the thing is, only a few knows about that. And luckily speaking, you are one of those few people who knew that. Congratulations!


There are famous personalities I have found on the internet who seemed to enjoy jigsaw puzzles as we do, Puzzlers!

Here are the list of famous personalities who enjoys jigsaw puzzles and could be called as dissectologists personalities

1. Queen Elizabeth II

By Photograph taken by Julian Calder for Governor-General of New Zealand - Commonwealth Day Message from Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=80337093

By Photograph taken by Julian Calder for Governor-General of New Zealand – Commonwealth Day Message from Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=80337093

Since the first dissected map or jigsaw puzzle was made in Europe, the royal family could possibly have played the game ever since then. And one of the members of the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is one.

Queen Elizabeth said that whenever the season is winter, and she is in the Sandringham palace, she used to borrow a jigsaw puzzle in the British Jigsaw Puzzle library.

The British Jigsaw Puzzle library has a collection of old hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles that is more than 3000 in numbers. What makes it more interesting aside from you will be able to play a hand-cut jigsaw puzzle is that there is no provided guide picture as to what you are going to assemble!

Amazing, isn’t it?

You can borrow those antique jigsaw puzzles for you to play on whenever you are near its location provided that you have a membership in their library.

If you are interested, you may visit their site for inquiries : https://www.britishjigsawpuzzlelibrary.co.uk/?page_id=73

Isn’t it an honor to know that a royalty plays a game that a commoner like us play too!

2. Hugh Jackman

We all know who Hugh Jackman is, right? He is known for his famous character in X-men who played the role of Wolverine. He is also one of the actors in the 2012 famous musical film Les Miserables, and 2017 The Greatest Showman.

Being one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, it is not surprising to know that he has 29.5M followers on his Instagram account. In his Instagram account, you can see that he is also a dissectologist like us!

Here are some Instagram post where Hugh Jackman is playing jigsaw puzzles.

In these two instagram posts, he used to finish a jigsaw puzzle image of his picture with his wife.

In this post, he is proudly sharing his achievement in finishing a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Riviera, Portofino, Genoa image

Lastly, not all jigsaw puzzle game ends in accomplishment though as seen on this Instagram post where he finished a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of the coffee cafe and a 500-piece of somewhat Australian place but ended up with frustrations because of the missing piece.

Isn’t enjoying and funny to see some reactions like this from time to time. Well, all we can say that is, jigsaw puzzle may sometimes give us a sense of accomplishment or a sense of frustration every now and then. Just kidding!

3. Elen DeGeneres

Another famous personality that we could say as a dissectologist aspirant is Elen DeGeneres. She is a well-known host of the variety comedy talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Going back to what I said that Elen is a dissectologist aspirant, the evidence says it clear in her Instagram post during quarantine where she said that she wanted to do something to entertain herself and chose to bring out a 4000-piece jigsaw puzzle to kill some time. She thought that she’ll be able to finish the game in just an hour but in the end, she didn’t try to finish it for many reasons.

Here are the Instagram posts of her attempting to become a dissectologist.

In this post, she confidently said that she’ll be able to finish it in one hour

While in this one, she made sure that there are indeed 4000-piece on the box that is why she manually counted but to find out that there is a missing piece

Luckily, she found the said to be “missing piece” under the table that made her convinced to start doing the jigsaw puzzle

She started to do the jigsaw puzzle by turning over every piece and told her followers that she is Elen “Do It” DeGeneres.

But, in the end, she got frustrated for the table is not big enough for her to accomplish it. She also added that it would be ridiculous to do so thus calling herself Elen “not stupid” DeGeneres.

4. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is one of the richest personalities we have here on the list. She is a famous socialite, model, and owner of Kylie cosmetics that started her show business career in a reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

Being pregnant and in quarantine because of the pandemic, she said in her Instagram story that to keep herself entertained she used to get back to her old pastime by reading books and doing jigsaw puzzles. She also added that jigsaw puzzles are underrated.

I second the motion and could not agree more to what she said!

5. Patrick Stewart

Aside from Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) of the X-men, Professor X is also a dissectologist!

Patrick Stewart is known for his role as Professor Charles Xavier or more popularly known as Professor X in X-men and Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek.

Patrick Stewart is a jigsaw puzzle fan for years! In fact, he only does a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle for it give him the satisfaction of pleasure when completing one. In fact, he had finished 14 of it. For that success, he framed it and put it on his wall near the staircase in his home in Brooklyn.

Now, not only Professor X is in charge in all the X-men members, he is also in charge in finishing 1000-piece of jigsaw puzzles as well.

6. Bill Gates

The creator of Windows and one of the richest man on Earth, Bill Gates, is also a dissectologist.

Being a busy person, as we all can expect from one of the richest man on Earth, Bill Gates also needed some time to relax and take a holiday. Vacation with his wife will never be complete if jigsaw puzzles were not included in their packed things as he said in one of his talks at Standford University. He added that jigsaw puzzles are entertaining and stimulating at the same time.

See, even busy people like Bill Gates tend to go back to the arms of jigsaw puzzles to find entertainment while relaxing in vacation time.

7. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally

These famous couple, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are the authors of the book The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. It is a book-related to the how-tos of marriage. They said in one of their interviews, one of the things that made them close to each other is to spend time with each other by binge-watching tv shows and playing jigsaw puzzles together.

Here is one of their old photos doing jigsaw puzzle together posted on twitter.

Isn’t it sweet, Puzzlers? Jigsaw puzzles not only provides entertainment but also bring more love to all of us!

8. Ronnie Wood

One of the members of Rolling Stones is Ronnie Wood. He used jigsaw puzzles as a training for his brain after he ditched his vices on alcohol and drugs. He also said that the game is “good for the brain”

In fact, his band has a 1968 song named “Jigsaw puzzle” too!

9. Norman Cook

Norman cook, who is also famously known as Fatboy Slim in the music industry is also a dissectologist.

He said in one of his interviews that jigsaw puzzles helped him in training his mind to focus by being mindful and by meditating.


Therefore, dissectologist is the term used to describe anyone who plays and enjoy jigsaw puzzles. These people used jigsaw puzzles not only for entertainment alone but also to make peace with their mind, create bonding time with their loved one, and for pleasure of success when finishing one


To summarize things up, here are the known personalities who plays jigsaw puzzles or can be called as famous dissectologists:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Elen DeGeneres
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Bill Gates
  • Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally
  • Ronnie Wood
  • Norman Cook


As for me, if you have started to read my very first blog about the History of jigsaw puzzles, you will notice that I have been using “Puzzlers” to name you, my readers, in this blog right?

Therefore, Puzzlers is my own naming to a person who is enjoying and playing a jigsaw puzzle like us!

But some “puzzlers” over the internet seemed to have their own naming as well. Some of them used the word, jigsawyers, jiggers, puzzlist, and jigsaw puzzlers.

How about you? How do you call someone who used to play and enjoy jigsaw puzzles?

Do you prefer to call yourself or anyone who plays the game as dissectologist or not?

Feel free to share your ideas and opinions below!

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