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Rules are made to create peace and order. It may be in the community we’re in and even in the games or puzzles, we’re playing. Rules are set and should be followed to get the best experience. But don’t include tangram in that category.

What is tangram rule?

Tangram rules are simple, easy, and straightforward. You all need to use all the polygons to create another image out of it. Just make sure to not overlap each other and connect them accordingly. And most of all, use your creativity as much as possible.

Rules are said to be the guidelines that should be strictly followed. Because if you don’t, you won’t be able to finish the “task” assigned to you by the game.

Unlike other games where you need to read and understand their guidelines to go about it, tangram is very flexible.

You can do whatever you want in tangram. You can exercise your freedom of artistic expression. And most importantly, you can learn math while having fun.

Flipping tans is one of the “secret” moves you can do while playing. It will create another orientation that can add another dimension to the image you’re trying to form.

Another is the angle. You can use tans in different angles you want to give length and body to the image you’re working on.

Lastly, your wildest imagination. It may sound absurd at first, but it’s the real deal in playing tangram. Your imagination will be your greatest “cheat” while playing.

Here are the key points you need to look for to finish your tangram art:

  1. Always consider the outline of the image. This outline is your secret “spy” in finishing your puzzle. Make sure to analyze first the outline of the image you’ll work on to assess what tans should be placed on that area.
  2. Size and dimension matters. You may successfully outline the image of your choice, but does it fit and mirrors it? Take time to consider the tan sizes and their dimensions as well. Make sure that they complement each other to copy the image you’re working on.
  3. Flipping and angulation of tans are necessary. Some players are always occupied on the first two tips I have mentioned and they completely forgot that tangram is a flexible type of puzzle. You can flip it and angle it in a way that would mirror the image you are trying to copy. Flipping a tan is “secret code” of this puzzle, so better be sure to try it all the time to make a nice fit.
  4. Make sure that all tans are used. All tans should be used in this puzzle. Usually, you’ll have 7 pieces that you need to connect appropriately but there are other tangram that use more than that. As a beginner or just some one who just want to spent enjoyable pastime, the usual seven-piece tangram will work out just fine.
  5. They should be connected to each other and not overlapping. Always remember that all tans should be connected to each other but not overlapping. Some players tend to overlap tans to perfectly “fit” all of them. I find it as a funny way to deal with it, though.

You see, playing tangram exercise our freedom of thinking. It doesn’t restrict us on things that should and shouldn’t do. As long as you can express yourself through it, then you’re good.


Tangram is a flexible, easy, simple, and straightforward puzzle. It just needs your creativity and common sense to make things work.

Always try flipping and angle your tans as your go about the outline of the image you’re working on. Also, make sure all of them are used and connected but not overlapping.

That’s it!

Let your creative mind wander and use tangram to express it.

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