Have you ever thought about going to a place where all your favorite childhood toys are on display?

If your answer is YES, well I guess we are on the same page for I, too, am dreaming to see one myself!

When the LEGO museum and Hello Kitty museum was made launch to the public, many avid fans of those toys decided to really go there and experience the hype themselves. A lot of souvenirs, toys, activities, and experiences with people with the same interests had happened there, making it not only more than just hype but also a “mission accomplished” by making their fans’ dreams come to life.

As a returning jigsaw puzzle fanatic, I, too, wanted to know if there are jigsaw puzzle museums out there.

That is why I have buckled up my “jigsaw puzzle hype energy battery” to look for answers to share with you my dear Puzzlers.


The direct is YES!

Since most of the images on jigsaw puzzles are mainly images drawn by artists, it is not surprising to know that there is a jigsaw puzzle museum. However, only a small number of institutions are there to cater jigsaw puzzles.

Maybe the reason for that is because jigsaw puzzles are most of the time used as a pastime hobby. Once finished, it could be disassembled and played on again some other time or on a sad part, it is thrown away for it serves its purpose already.

With the jigsaw puzzle museum, these playable pieces of art could be displayed not only to preserve its beauty but also to showcase how the dissectologist has exerted time and effort in completing one.

The thing is, as I have been digging deeper on finding those “jigsaw puzzle oasis” sadly, I just came to find one physical museum. Others are some museums indeed but have used jigsaw puzzles as online activities for their websites.

Curious about that one and only museum that I have found? Well, here it is.


Puzzle mansion is the only physical jigsaw puzzle museum I have found across the internet. Let us look into details on what to expect in this one.


This jigsaw puzzle museum has started when the owner, Georgia Gil-Lacuna, started collecting jigsaw puzzles when she was 35 years old. It actually started on the second birthday of her son to where she played a Mikey Mouse Racing puzzle.

From then on, her jigsaw puzzle enthusiasm grew and grew for 30 years. In fact, she even traveled to different countries to look for replicas of famous artworks like The Creation of Adam, Mona Lisa, and Las Meninas to make it into a jigsaw puzzle.

This hobby then turned into a business when they have come across the problem of where they could put all those collections at. And fortunately, it turned out to be a jigsaw puzzle museum in November 2012.

In that same year, she was also awarded by Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles, beating up the female Brazilian collector, Luiza Figueiredo, who have 230 jigsaw puzzle pieces at that time.

Right now, she has 1,500 jigsaw puzzle pieces displayed in her museum.

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Puzzle mansion was originally a bed and breakfast inn when it opened in 2010. Upon deciding to display Lacuna’s collections of jigsaw puzzles, it turned to be a museum with bed and breakfast facilities. They also offer souvenirs, jigsaw puzzles, school tours, and events on the one-hectare place.

A 100 PHP (2 USD) entrance fee is needed to see all her collections with guides and tours. If you are an avid jigsaw puzzle fan, you may consider visiting this safe-haven place to really immerse yourself in a lot of different jigsaw puzzles.

There you can see various puzzles from 2D, 3D, and large puzzles. Images on these puzzles vary from cartoons, historical events, religious arts, and other artworks such as Mona Lisa. What is amazing is that you can also see jigsaw puzzles containing 18,000-piece and even 32,000-piece jigsaw puzzles!

To keep up the hype, you can also try to complete some jigsaw puzzles there on your own. What a bright and fulfilling day would that be for a true-blooded Puzzler, right? But please be sure to not lose track of time because it is only open from 8 AM to 6 PM daily.

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Puzzle Mansion is one of the famous tourist attractions located in Tagaytay, Philippines. The exact address is Cuadra Street, Baranggay Asasin, Tagaytay City, Philippines.

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If you are interested to visit it yourself, or for further information regarding Puzzle Mansion, you may want to visit their Facebook page for details :


When the pandemic started last year, 2020, the majority of physical activities and all sorts of mass gatherings were prohibited, and that includes museum hopping.

But by the love of art, and eagerness to share and showcase artworks, online platforms are able to give art fanatics a safe haven to relive their passion and love for arts by letting them engage in their interactive online activities such as jigsaw puzzle games.

Below is the list I have gathered to where you can find interactive online jigsaw puzzle gaming offered by various museum. You may visit those sites any time you want to play some jigsaw puzzles without having the dilemma on where to put it after you are done.


A jigsaw puzzle is a pastime for many of us but little did we know that there are Puzzlers out there who really took their time, efforts, and even money just for genuine love and interest in the game.

Never have I imagined that there will be a person who will collect jigsaw puzzles in the first place, and that really fascinates and inspire me to do more research about this. It keeps my jigsaw puzzle hype battery fully charged again to look into more details about this. I hope that you are too!

Well, there you go my dear Puzzlers, only the Puzzle Mansion is the physical jigsaw puzzle museum I came to find. Maybe there are some jigsaw puzzle museums out there that I was not aware of because of my limited resources and knowledge.

If you happen to know one, would you care to share about it in the comments below? I would love to know where are those safe havens are so that I could visit one of them in the future. Thanks!

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