Welcome, Puzzlers!

I am Ann, a part-time blogger whose interest in puzzles started in childhood.


I am also a female introvert who has a passion for teaching, eating, and having fun with a small group of people. As an introvert, having fun alone is the best thing I could give myself as a gift on various occasions.

This personality type of mine really is satisfied when I am playing puzzles!

Unfortunately, I was not able to explore this hobby from that time on for some reason and of course, because life happens.


So, here is a short story I wanted to share with all of you Puzzlers. The inspiration that helped me to create this blog.

When I was a kid, I find puzzles entertaining and fun because I could spend those enjoyable times alone.

I also find puzzles annoying and intriguing from time to time too. I find it challenging because I play with my mind that I need to complete it in a short period of time (competitiveness issues as all normal kids had).

But because “life happens”, I dropped this hobby and set aside it for a long period of time.


Now, as an adult, I am glad to tell you that I am back on track that is why I have created puzzlingcut.com! Yes, indeed, it took me a while but I do not mind being late at all. What is important is that I am so back!

But before you start reading articles here on puzzlingcut.com, I have some questions for you.

  • Have you ever wondered about how jigsaw puzzles came about and have existed all this time?
  • Have you ever questioned the benefits of puzzles to improve someone’s mind?
  • Have you ever realized that puzzle is not just a “pick and combine” type of game but an art as well?
  • Have you ever played a jigsaw puzzle from two pieces up to 2000 pieces?
  • Are you intrigue by how puzzles works?
  • Do you ever wanted to know history behind puzzles?

Well, if your answer is yes, then CONGRATULATIONS my Puzzler friend! You have come to the right blog! But if your answer is no, well, I think you should think otherwise.


Here at puzzling.com, I will answer all the questions left hanging in my mind ever since my interest in puzzles came about. From history, the how-to’s, scientific information, commentaries, DIYs, reviews, personalities, and the likes, related to jigsaw puzzles will be posted here.


But that information will not come into one piece if I just do it alone, right?

With that, you may join my journey in creating my puzzle empire by suggesting, commenting, and asking questions about them. In that way, we can create a great collection of information about puzzles together!

Let us build a community to connect our interests and create a whole picture of a fun, entertaining, cute puzzle world!

Let us complete the missing jigsaw puzzle piece of my long-lost childhood interest, Puzzlers!

I hope your puzzling mind will get ecstatic in puzzlingcut.com and hoping that you will learn and enjoy it as much as I do!


Just like a puzzle piece, we all came in all various sizes, shapes, cultures, races, etc. These differences are all unique in all of us in so many ways but these differences are our edge to form a whole picture of various images, just like a jigsaw puzzle. So, feel free to comment in my posts to interlock our connection to the puzzle empire we will be creating.

See you!



The late bloomer Puzzler